Arena Playing

I still need to design my barn signs, but I really wanted to try out my arena. I bought a Voyeur that I want to repaint for NaMoPaiMo, but I really wanted to play with a jumping model. I also have a bunch of tack that I haven’t played with recently, so I broke out the ear bonnets and magnetic boots.

This was the first try.

I played around with my doll some more to get her into a realistic position.

I pulled out more of my models and tacked them up. The bay models looked really nice under my lighting.

Who wouldn’t want a pony for Christmas?

Would a post about my equipment be interesting to you? I could do a post about it if there’s enough interest.

One Comment on “Arena Playing

  1. Yes, I’d be interested to hear more about the tack that you use. Your equipment has such detail in it. May I also ask what kind of camera/lens you use? I used to have a micro lens with an old film camera, but none of my current digital cameras can match the quality of those old photos. I need something different so am looking for suggestions. Your photos are stunning so I figure you are the person to ask!


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