The Art of Documentation: What Is It And What Does It Do?

I was talking with friends about showing and we eventually found ourselves talking about documentation. We spoke about some of the unspoken rules of documentation and how you’re expected to have the perfect amount of information. Too much, and you’re writing a book report. Too little, and it seems like you haven’t put in the research. But how does a new shower, particularly in performance, know these rules? It took many shows and reading others’ documentation that eventually led me to know what should or shouldn’t be a part of documentation. But one shouldn’t have to fumble for a long time or need to run into the right person to know what to have for documentation.

So this is a guide to how I make performance documentation. Since there isn’t a definitive rule book for model horses, use what I wrote as you see fit. But this is how I do documentation now and it’s a huge difference from some of the stuff I once used.

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