Hello! My name is Kristian Beverly (pronounced Christian and like the Beverly in Beverly Hills)

I’m a native of central Pennsylvania who loves to read a bit of everything and ride whatever gallops my way.

I’ve been collecting model horses, particularly Breyer horses, since I was in the single digits. I’ve gone on to travel to Breyerfest, judge, and show. Performance and tack making are my favorite aspects of the hobby but over the years I’ve partaken in pedigree assignment, photo shows, and customizing. The hobby is vast so there’s something for everyone.

I’ve ridden in some sort of fashion since I was young. In college, I competed on my college’s IHSA team in English equitation. Now, I’m involved with a local group called The Harrisburg Riders where we do group trail rides and whatever else catches our eyes.

Short Bio:

Kristian Beverly has loved books and horses since she was young. A native of Pennsylvania, Kristian loves to read a bit of everything and ride whatever is thrown her way. She works in marketing. In her free time, you’ll find Kristian reading a book or riding a horse.