Arena Playing

I still need to design my barn signs, but I really wanted to try out my arena. I bought a Voyeur that I want to repaint for NaMoPaiMo, but I really wanted to play with a jumping model. I also have a bunch of tack that I haven’t played with recently, so I broke out the ear bonnets and magnetic boots.

This was the first try.

I played around with my doll some more to get her into a realistic position.

I pulled out more of my models and tacked them up. The bay models looked really nice under my lighting.

Who wouldn’t want a pony for Christmas?

Would a post about my equipment be interesting to you? I could do a post about it if there’s enough interest.

One thought on “Arena Playing

  1. The Backyard Horse Blog December 9, 2020 / 12:40 pm

    Yes, I’d be interested to hear more about the tack that you use. Your equipment has such detail in it. May I also ask what kind of camera/lens you use? I used to have a micro lens with an old film camera, but none of my current digital cameras can match the quality of those old photos. I need something different so am looking for suggestions. Your photos are stunning so I figure you are the person to ask!


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