Friday morning, we stopped at the Breyerfest Live. I stayed at the performance end since those are my favorite classes.

Breyerfest Live Performance

Afterwards, I took the elevator down to teach a Breyerfest workshop! It was a leather halter making workshop. I don’t have pictures of it because I was so nervous. It’s funny because I’ve taught classes in person before but they were about publishing. Any hobby workshop I did had been prerecorded or done virtually, so doing it in person was new. I enjoyed it and it was nice to meet so many hobbyists. Afterwards I watched some of the arena acts. Here’s a horse and rider from the arena show.

At night, it was time for more shopping and catching up with friends.

Breyerfest Best of Customs

After the Keeneland Backstretch Tour, it was time to join plastic pony con. One of the coolest parts of Breyerfest was the unveiling of the Best of Customs contest finalists. 2022 was different because the finalists weren’t announced until Thursday. In previous years the hobby knew the finalists in each category. This leveled up the excitement.

The Best of Customs were displayed in the same room as the Artisan’s Gallery—which had a plethora of fantastic pieces.

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Breyerfest Overview

Over the last few years the hobby pivoted and went online. I was able to participate in Breyerfest from the comfort of my bedroom and craft room.
Covid changed the world—for the hobby, it opened up the doors to what we can do virtually to allow more people to experience various aspects of the hobby.

2022 brought back in person Breyerfest while offering online options to those that couldn’t attend!

On Breyerfest Tuesday, Mackenzie drove to my house before we set off on Wednesday. It was probably the easiest drive I’d ever had to Breyerfest. We hit zero storms or traffic. Stopped at a few Targets because how could we not.

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