Keeneland Backstretch Tour

On Thursday morning, we signed into the welcome center to partake in the Keeneland Backstretch Tour.

Keeneland began as 147 acres owned by the Keene family and now spans over 1,000 acres. Movies like Seabiscuit, Dreamer, and Secretariat had pieces filmed there.

The weather was perfect and it was so cool to have a tour at such a renown racetrack.

We watched horses be worked and walked.

From there we went to one of the racing barns. A friendly dog named Simone ventured over for pets.

Of course I took photos of tack.

More horses of course!

Keeneland is known for its auction. We saw all the parts of it. Listening to how the auctions run was fascinating too. I figured it would be loud, like other horse auctions I’d been to, but our guide told us how quiet it is. Bidders have tells and those working know how to read them.

We also saw the wall of hooves, the last place before the horses enter the bidding area.

We went up to the stands and had an overview look of the track.

And here’s the jockey garden. The silks and signs change.

I so enjoyed this. If you’re looking for something to do during Breyerfest, I recommend this!

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