Let’s Make An Indoor Arena Pt 1

When Kenzie Williamson of Bridle Tree Studios posted about her barn challenge, I knew I had to participate.

I had so much fun customizing my barn. While I would love to justify going out and buying another one, barns aren’t something that don’t take up space. It was a toss up between creating a tack room or building an arena. I really want to do photo showing, which means I need want an indoor arena.

I visited my local craft stores and bought my supplies. The only thing not pictured is my foam board.

I bought numerous pieces of corrugated scrapbooking paper. I love the texture. I wanted the background to be bright instead of a dull color, so I pulled out my white acrylic and went at it.

So much better!

After the paint dried, I glued the paper to my foam board.

I painted a final layer of white once it’d dried.

Part two will be putting the panel together!

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