Cowboy Curtain

The workshops were one of the coolest aspects of Breyerfest 2020. I loved having the option to stream them. Because of other commitments, I wasn’t able to complete any of them that weekend. Since Breyer extended Breyerfest access, I finally had a chance to watch the cowboy curtain how-to.

I took down the measurements and supplies and waited until I had a the chance to create the prop. The opportunity came last weekend.

It’s very sturdy and the techniques I learned will help make future prop building immensely.

I want to try the Mari Lwyd next!

One thought on “Cowboy Curtain

  1. Kim Haymond September 20, 2020 / 3:44 pm

    I’m behind on reading blogs, but really enjoy yours and was pleasantly surprised to see this! Glad you enjoyed the workshop and your finished Cowboy Curtain looks great!


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