Breyerfest-The Model Loot

I had fun buying models over virtual Breyerfest.

I watched the issues people had with buying special runs and crossed my fingers about being able to buy my models smoothly. Luckily I purchased my models on Sunday. I was able to buy both of my top picks.

I love ponies so I knew I needed the pony duo special run.

I also drew the surprise model. I initially got an Appaloosa matte surprise.

I really wanted the silver black surprise, so I traded to get her.

I also received a volunteer model. He’s beautiful!

I love his face!

Another model I ordered a little bit before Breyerfest, but arrived during it, was the 70th Anniversary Palomino Hamilton. He’s gorgeous. I need to redo my saddleseat patterns so I can make tack for him.

A single resin finished up my model buying. I’ve always liked the Cruise Control Resin by Chris Flint, so being able to buy a cheap early casting was hard to pass up. The front leg had been broken, so all I have to do is fill it.

Those were all of my Breyerfest model buys!

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