Working Western Set

I was given a few days off from classes so my professors could transition to online. It took my college a bit to decide what they were going to do with us, but eventually they followed the course of action that so many other schools did. They did allow students to have the option to stay on campus so that they could finish out the semester. I’m a commuter, so I was already set up at home!

To get ready for International Model Tack Month, I ordered a bunch of supplies. Thin lining leather, a couple of saddle trees, a lot of hardware, and leather dye were acquired. Did I plan on using it all during April? Nope. Now that the pandemic is the dark cloud in everyone’s lives, it looks like I’ll have more tack time than I initially thought.

Model Horse Tack Supplies

Rio Rondo really outdid it with the grab bag this year.

Rio Rondo Model Horse Tack

Last night I decided to start on a western working saddle. First I traced the pattern pieces into the leather.

Model Horse Tack Leather Tooling

Then I used my little swivel knife to cut out the shapes.

Model Horse Tack Progress

Finally I defined them using an awl, stylus and a needle. After dying the pieces I’d finished, I called it a night.

Miniature Model Horse Working Western Pattern Pieces

2 thoughts on “Working Western Set

  1. Mary Hirsch June 6, 2020 / 11:27 pm

    New to the blog! Love tack! Do you have photos of your finished tack somewhere? Looks like you are doing the tooling for the western saddle design. Would love to see it close up!


  2. Contentquake June 10, 2020 / 5:04 am

    I really appreciate your blog post. It really covers most things about this subject. Keep it up! Don’t forget to check out my website also!


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