Oh The Spots

I planned on finishing #NaMoPaiMo, but alas, it didn’t happen.

Once the final week of February rolled in, I realized I wouldn’t make the deadline. Even though I haven’t completed every NaMoPaiMo, I learn so much during the challenge. From trials and errors on my end, to the ever helpful Facebook page.

My model still needs many more spots and shading and and—-

But that doesn’t mean February was meaningless. I’m so happy with how his face came out. I also learned if you put mix too much cobalt drier with white oil paints, your model will turn momentarily green.

Appaloosa Model Horse

I didn’t finish him by the deadline, which is fine. Half way through the month, I visited Maddie Klein’s house for a painting party. I added more spots to mine, and Maddie worked on her pretty buckskin!

Photo credit Maddie Klein

February was a busy month for me. I was a part of the planning committee for the Harrisburg Rider’s Cupid Dance which was held during the PA Horse Expo weekend. I ran a middle grade book club before heading over to the party. Lots of dancing and food happened. People seemed to really enjoy it.

Instead of going to the second night of the Cupid Dance, I attended my mom’s party. My mom was born on a leap year, so she finally was able to celebrate her birthday!

While I didn’t finish my model in February, I do plan on finishing him. Congrats on everyone who finished the challenge! You all did a wonderful job on your models.

Appaloosa Model  Horse

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