A Change Is Gonna Come

When I wrote, All Parts Of Me, I was all ready to fling myself full force into the 21st century Civil Rights Movement. I was angry. I fumed about the posts I’d read from people I knew, and I just wanted to scream at all who went “But actually” or “All Lives Matter.” I watched conversations in the real horse world revolve around diversity and inclusion.

In the model horse sphere such conversations happened too. From changing Native American costume to regalia to conversations of the Confederacy, I read and watched (along with participating). Mares In Black, the model horse podcast, has a series about diversity in the hobby (and I was a guest too!). All of these things made me think of what my skills are and how to use them. It took me a bit to figure out how to do it best, but it’s now ready for the world to see!

Sliding Glass Doors Book Club

This isn’t a book club about discovering that racism and inequality exists. We’re beyond diversity 101 and such exclamations cause us to run around in circles and get nothing done.

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