Estate Shopping

I’m not sure how my mom ended up being on the newsletter list for a local estate business. One day she just started forwarding emails to me and I’ve been opening them since.

I’ve had some amazing finds at the estate sales. My best find from last year was a 27-inch iMac for $60. I didn’t know if it worked, but it’d looked to be in good condition and was worth the gamble. It became my sister’s computer because I didn’t need two of them!

The newest one caught my eye. A Civil War era horse farm???? The estate sale hours are always during my work day, so unless they’re on my route to work, I wait until the weekend to go.

The former owner was involved in the world of Tennessee Walking Horses. There were trophies and plaques. Paintings of walkers lined the walls. This is the part of estate sales that is sad. You see how the owners organized and decorated their homes and the things that they loved.

Many of the items in the preview had sold. But the house was still full of stuff. I didn’t come home with tack, but it was nice to see it.

I bought one thing. A Breyer Proud Arabian Foal.

Estate shopping is fun and I’m excited to see what other cools things I find this year.

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