Real Horses of Breyerfest

Breyerfest brings model horse and real horse lovers together. So here are some of the real horses I saw!

Dani, or Danash’s Northern Tempest, the Breyerfest 2021 Celebration Horse. She’s 17 hands and gorgeous.

The celebration pony, Nikolas, and Jazzman did a dressage test together.

He was wonderful to watch!

I do not know who this is, but I loved all of this.

Another I have no idea who they are, but look at those markings!


Black Forest Horse!

There’s always a horse show that occurs during Breyerfest, so I watched a bit of the show jumping round. Those are a few of the cool horses I saw at Breyerfest.

In looking at photos, this seems to conclude my many posts about Breyerfest! Onward to 2023!

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