I love Breyerfest because the event also brings in real horses. You have a great opportunity to encounter a wide variety of high caliber horses. Especially when the owners and handlers are so open to sharing their horses with the public. I was excited when it was announced that Akhal-Tekes would be attending. The Kentucky Horse Park does have an a Akhal-Teke, but I was excited to see more examples of the breed.

Akhal-Tekes are one of my favorite horse breeds. This is a 2007 Breyer limited edition model that also showed at my first Breyerfest show.

So when I had time, I ventured over to see them.

Adamek is a Breyer horse. He was very sweet.

I continued down the line, shooting photos and petting them.

This is Mascot, a 2013 gelding.

I wandered over to the main arena and paused at the warm up arena. Because Akhal-Tekes. They were in breed dress and the lighting was just so pretty.

This filly was gorgeous.

Kisses for a good horse.

Afterwards, it was the Akhal-Teke showcase in the arena, and you know I was there.

They moved around the arena.

In hand.

And under saddle.

It was so cool to see such gorgeous horses!

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