Jax’s First Snow

First off, I’m Covid free! I made it through quarantining and had a negative test. That was a great gift.

It’s been a few years since central PA had a major snowstorm. On Wednesday through Thursday it finally happened–the snowstorm hit and dropped about a foot and a few inches of snow.

Jax has never seen snow of this magnitude before. When we first adopted him, a few flurry showers occurred. But nothing of substance.

I was worried that he would refuse to venture outside at all. My worries were put to rest the second he stepped outside.

Snow is Jax’s new favorite thing. He tore around the yard full speed.

While Jax is selective about the form of water he interacts with, he is in love with snow.

As you can see, Jax enjoyed the snow. Cleaning it up was less fun for me!

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