All Hail The Pumpkin King

October 24 was my birthday. So I made my sister and mom go to a sunflower field and pumpkin patch so we could take photos. I also really wanted to take fall pictures of Jax.

I’d never been to Flinchbaugh’s Orchard and Farm Market before. It’d popped up on google when I’d searched for dog friendly pumpkin patches near me.

And it was! Many people had the same idea as me.

The first stop was the sunflower field. There were plenty to choose from.

After my sister and I found sunflowers, we cut them with the scissors we’d been given. Next came posing. We took many photos of the sunflower field.

A photo op area was set up in front of the sunflowers, so Jax and I had to have our photo taken.

Photography has been a part of Jax’s life since he joined the family. So he’s great at sitting and waiting.

After we’d taken enough sunflower photos, we started towards the pumpkin patch. But there was a beautiful line of trees that made for a perfect backdrop for photos. I made my sister and mom pose.

Everything about the weather was perfect. There was a bit of a chill to the air and the clouds were overcast, which made for dramatic photos.

The pumpkin patch wasn’t as robust as it’d probably been. We found two to come home with us. And Jax posed with a scattered bunch of pumpkins. One dog to rule all of the pumpkins.

We ate dinner and made crafts. It was the most low-key birthday I’ve had in years, but I fully enjoyed it.

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