There’s a new four legged member at my house and his name is Jax.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Mix

My sister, Kendall, and I had been looking for a dog off and on for almost the past year. We initially were focused on finding an adult dog, but each time we’d found one we’d liked it either saw cats as a New York strip or had already been adopted. All of our pets have found us in some manner, so we figured eventually someone would call us or we’d be in the right place at the right time.

In March, my mom’s friend told us to look into a local rescue that focuses on pregnant dogs and recently whelped litters. Adopting a puppy never crossed either of our minds. We submitted an application with no particular dog or litter in mind. We just didn’t want a tiny dog. We were then encouraged to look at a soon to be available litter of Anatolian Shepherd mixes. Mom is definitely an Anatolian Shepherd and the guess is a lab as the father.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Mix litter
Photo courtesy of HomewardBound Animal Rescue

When the foster asked what we were looking for in a puppy, I responded that we wanted a middle of the pack, happy go lucky puppy. Since there were 13 puppies, a range of personalities were present.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Mix
Photo courtesy of HomewardBound Animal Rescue

The foster matched us with a large puppy named Ross. He was described as shy but playful and loving once he warmed up to you.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Mix
Photo courtesy of HomewardBound Animal Rescue
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Mix

A friend dropped off a “Welcome Home Jax” gift filled with toys and treats.

Dog welcome home gift

Jax has been an awesome puppy since we’ve brought him home.

He’s understanding house training and even knows how to sit and stay (when you’ve got his attention). He aims to please. People and squeaky toys are his two most favorite things.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Mix

While quarantine isn’t what I thought 2020 would look like, Jax has been the brightness amongst it all.

Anatolian Shepherd puppy

2 thoughts on “Jax

  1. Mary Hirsch June 6, 2020 / 10:56 pm

    What a handsome pup! He got a lucky break in life! 🙂


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