What We Do And Don’t Know About Breyerfest 2020

Breyer announced earlier this week that Breyerfest 2020 will be virtual. This opened up Breyerfest to a wider range of people and because of this, there are questions.

**This was last updated April 18, 2020

Breyerfest 2020 Theme

What We Know

It Wasn’t Cancelled

Breyerfest 2020 is moving online. While it will not meet in person, it is not cancelled.

Kentucky Horse Park Gate

Breyer’s Announcement

Breyer made the announcement on their social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

The announcements all said pretty much the same thing. Breyerfest 2020 will not occur in the Kentucky Horse Park and will be held virtually.

Breyer Model Horses announcement

If You’ve Already Bought A Ticket, You Have Three Options

Breyer posted an update on April 14th.

  1. If you already bought your tickets, they were automatically made virtual.
  2. If you don’t want to participate in Breyerfest 2020, you can exchange it for a Breyerfest 2021 ticket.
  3. You can ask for a refund.
Horse standing from Breyerfest 2019

What A Three Day Ticket Gets You

Breyer has always (or as long as I’ve been attending) had 2 tiers of tickets: single day and three day.

Single day tickets are good for a single day and come with a single day stablemate. Single Day tickets do not allow the holder to buy special run models. Three day tickets come with the Celebration Model, the ability to purchase two special run models, and access to the Saturday night horse show.

Per the update, 3 day ticket holders:

will still receive this year’s Celebration model shipped to your home, be able to purchase Special Runs, have insider access to all BreyerFest content, and some other special benefits we are working on. You’ll be able to take part in special raffles and contests, shop the BreyerFest pop-up stores, watch equestrian performances and interviews with horse owners and artists, and so much more!


In the newest update, Breyer further clarified what the three day ticket holders got.

Exclusive access to behind-the scenes tours at the KHP

A special performance produced by Sylvia Zerbini and the Celebration of Horses performers

Access to interviews and performances with guest horses

Bonus content from other BreyerFest partners


How will the special runs happen? With potentially more people, will Breyer increase the number? In the most recent update, Breyer clarified this.

They will be run similarly as in person.

Only 3-day ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase special run models – up to two per ticket. As usual, we have a limited number of 3-day tickets available to purchase. Just like at BreyerFest, these special runs will be sold in a similar format with a random number draw and specific access time blocks. More information to come on that! We have a lot of details to work out.


In previous years, special run tickets had a number along the bottom. About 15 minutes before the slotted time, a number would be drawn and people would line up from that number onward. You weren’t guaranteed to be able to buy the model you wanted. A specific number of models were put out for each time slot, and once they were gone, they were gone. This is the reason why people buy numerous tickets. It ups their chances of being near the front and being able to purchase the model they want.

Standing Black Horse

Pick Ups/Secondary Buying Of Tickets Won’t Work

Because of receiving physical tickets in other years of Breyerfest, people could trade or sell special run ticket or offer pickups for people. 2020 has made it obsolete. In the update, Breyer clarified that:

  1. Access to the event is determined by the account that purchased the ticket(s).
  2. You can’t transfer the tickets to another account

This update shows that pickups won’t work this year. Pickups are a way for people who cannot physically attend Breyerfest, get their celebration model and special run models for a little bit over the base price.

What Seminars And Classes Will Look Like

In Breyer’s newest update on April 18, they expanded upon seminars and classes. So it seems that everything will move to online. Including seminars and classes. To me, it feels like Breyerfest will be a mash up of a blog and YouTube channel.

The event will be a combination of live and pre-recorded video and photo content and will include equine demonstrations, interviews with guest horse owners, artist demos, workshop tutorials, seminars, raffles, contests, access to exclusive BreyerFest models and swag, music and dance performances, an online vendor marketplace and Artisans’ Gallery, photo model horse shows, and more.


What Is Happening With All Of The Shows

The Resin Futurity is cancelled for 2020, but will be held in 2021.

On the newest update by Breyer, it was mentioned that there would be online shows. How that will look or work hasn’t been expanded on yet.

Swap Meet or Artisan Gallery

Breyer released that there will be an online Artisan Gallery.


The final piece of the update said:

We are working out all the details now, and will provide more complete information at the beginning of May. Thank you!


Breyer is still working out the details. We have a solid block of time between now and Breyerfest and Breyer is working on transitioning it to online.

What We Don’t Know

The Price Of Special Run Models

The prices of special run models haven’t been released yet. And probably won’t be until we’re closer to Breyerfest.Breyer released a user friendly online program last year, so I expect they’ll do the same this year. The best way to figure out the price range is to reference previous Breyerfests’ programs. This is the special run model page from last year’s Breyerfest program.

Breyer 2019 Special Run Models


On the Road To Breyerfest group, it was announced that general volunteers would no longer be needed.

Breyerfest volunteers

Breyer hasn’t been announced if volunteers for the live shows will be needed or not.

Breyerfest Children and Youth Show Ribbons

To stay on top of information pertaining to it, here are places I’d recommend subscribing to and following:

Breyer Model Horses

I would follow their social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Or check their website.

On the Road To Breyerfest group

This is a great Facebook group about Breyerfest

Modelholics Anonymous

If you’re new to the hobby, this is one of the best places to get information the second it’s available. As with any group, sometimes dumpster fires occur.

Breyer Open Show Original Finish Camel

Hopefully this helps a bit. I’ve noticed a bunch of posts asking questions about Breyerfest and thought it would be helpful to have it all together in one spot.

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