Night Lights Festival

Months ago while I was scrolling through TikTok and came upon a video. It was a beautiful montage of clips from a sky lantern festival. It looked magical so it became my obsession for an hour. In that hour I also sent the video to my friend, Sam, and told her we should go to one. Sam researched and sent me a link about one that was occurring localish to us. They encouraged buying early, so we both bought our tickets. I had to get mine swapped because in my excitement I bought them for the wrong day!

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National Museum Of African American History And Culture: Level One

In June of 2017 I visited the African American Museum. It wasn’t open to the public yet, but I was able to get tickets through a local group that was having a bus trip. So my parents, sister, and I boarded the bus in York, PA to ride down to DC.

The Founding Director of the museum wrote, “This building will sing for all of us.”

And it did. The three tier architecture was inspired by the Yoruban Caryatid.

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