Breyerfest Day 1

It’s Breyerfest week and the weather feels like it is. It’s been in the 90s in Pennsylvania with no end in sight. The feeling of melting in the sweltering sun feels right for Breyerfest week.

This year, I only have to make sure my laptop is charged or my desktop is on. There’s no traveling and hoping that the Clarion has parking spots. There’s no getting up before the sun rises and feeling the wet dew as you walk into the show hall.

I’m going to miss seeing everyone in person. 2020 has been quite the year.

In past years, on Thursday, I would’ve been on my way to Kentucky or already there. Instead I participated in a Studio Thornrose’s live sale. I snagged a Tucker and a Tripod. I love Tucker so much!

Photo by Studio Thornrose

Today, I’ve snagged one of Maggie Bennett Sculpture’s miniature skulls. They’re amazing!

Photo copyright Maggie Bennett

I don’t have a set course of what I’m buying over this weekend. For better or for worse, this has been my motto so far. I’m excited to participate in workshops because I’ve never done one! They would sell out or I’d have something else I had to do.

And here’s a picture of Jax. It’s been forever since I posted a photo of him on here.