How To Paint Eyes 

How To Sculpt Manes

How To Give Your Pony A Fuzzy Coat

Where To Find Models

Where To Show Models

How To Customize Dolls

How To Make A Zombie Doll

How To Make Traditional Balloon Race Prop

Getting Ready for the BF C/Y Show–Entering

Getting Ready for Breyerfest C/Y Show-Picking Show-able Halter Models

Getting Ready For Breyerfest C/Y-Picking Breeds

Getting Ready For Breyerfest C/Y-Making Breed Cards

Getting Ready for Breyerfest C/Y-How to Make Breed Cards for Mixes

Getting Ready for the BF C/Y Show-Overview of Customs

Getting Ready for BF C/Y Show-Customs Made for Performance

Getting Ready for BF C/Y Show-Making Customs with Performance in mind PT 2

Getting Ready For BF-How To Pack Your Models

How To Document Weird Things

How to Pick Names

How To Organize Your Collection

How To Ship Tiny Things

How To Do Business Without Really Trying

How To Prep Leather Lace

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