South Bound

In May, I had the chance to play with and take photos of some young quarter horse mares. They needed a place to land before their owner began his journey down south with them. I believe they were going to Brazil.

They were so sweet. It was hard at times to take photos because they crowded around me to demand scratches and pets.

The lighting was perfect to get shots of their coats. They were shedding out and I loved their colors.

I have no doubt that whatever their futures entail, they’ll succeed in it!

2022 American Legion Parade

Back in June, I was scrolling on Facebook and saw that some riders I knew were riding in the local American Legion parade. I’ve fallen off with what local riders I knew were doing, so I hadn’t even realized it was parade time. I had enough time to make it, so I packed up my camera and drove over. Riders from Harrisburg and Baltimore met at the Harrisburg Civil War Museum and started getting their horses ready.

There were draft horses,

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