Model Horses: A Window Into The Equestrian World

In spring of 2020, Chris Skelly of MyHorseUniversity contacted me about my post, “All Parts of Me.” We had a nice conversation about accessibility and diversity in real horses in relation to 4-H and how model horses could help. At the end of our talk, she mentioned putting together a MSU Extension Proud Equestrian Program Instructor’s Virtual Workshop. She later contacted me to see if I was still interested in doing an hour talk about how model horses could be used in 4-H. My topic’s title was Model Horses:A Window Into The Equestrian World.

I was interviewed leading up to the webinar for her My Horse University Podcast. You can listen to the podcast episode below!

Tyler Cappaert Equine Nutrition Specialist My Horse University

Tyler Cappaert is an equine nutrition specialist for Tribute Equine Nutrition.  Tyler graduated from Michigan State University and is an avid horse owner.  Tyler currently shows reining horses and owns a small boarding facility in Michigan. We will discuss Tylers journey in joining the equine feed industry and discuss two important tips for optimizing your horse's nutrition.  Relevant Links: Tribute Equine Nutrition
  1. Tyler Cappaert Equine Nutrition Specialist
  2. Equine Research with Kenton Morgan, DVM
  3. Equine Veterinarian Wellness
  4. Volunteerism: How to share your passion with others!
  5. Upbound with Mikhail Filipovitch

I always get nervous prior to speaking, but once I start it melts away. I really enjoyed speaking to the group about model horses. I introduced myself.

And then I gave an overview about what I’d be talking about.

I expanded upon each of the different parts of the hobby and how 4-H leaders could use them. Model horses really are a window into the equestrian world. There’s so much one can be a part of and usually with a lower initial cost. I think I gave the leaders some ideas for how to add or expand usage of model horses in their groups.

It’s funny because I was only a member of 4-H for a singular year. I didn’t enjoy my experience in my local group so I allowed it to cloud my judgement towards 4-H as a whole. I’ve been more involved with 4-H as an adult because I like the idea behind the organization. Pennsylvania even has a state show every normal year.

Thank you again for inviting me Chris! Talking with the Michigan 4-H leaders was enjoyable.