July Loot-The not Models

I bought numerous things during Breyerfest and the following week. These are the non model purchases. I’m waiting on a few more things to arrive, but these are the things I was most excited about receiving.

During Breyerfest I commissioned Anne Field of Field of Dolls Studio to make me a doll. It was my first time commissioning a doll. I asked if she could make a Black English riding doll that was a semi-self portrait.

Model Horse Black Doll Rider
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Revisiting Photo showing

In the beginning of my hobby involvement, forums were still a major way to interact with other hobbyists. I quickly found photo showing and it was perfect. All I had to do was go into my backyard and shoot photos of my models. I, of course, gravitated towards performance.

I had a lot of fun setting up scenes, no matter if the background was realistic or in my bedroom.

I then went to live showing but would still sometimes visit the Model Equine Photo Showers Association website, look at the various years of winners, and tell myself that I would enter.

I never did, but that didn’t stop me from appreciating people that do! I love model horse photography—there are so many talented model horse instagramers.

Since the country wide group project appears to be sitting at a D, I don’t foresee large gatherings increasing in frequency or number. Which means live shows aren’t something I see myself attending in the near future. In a different world I would be looking over the upcoming shows and deciding on a show string, but alas, such things aren’t happening.

This has gotten me back to thinking about photo showing. I would love to show, and photo showing is an alternative offering. It takes a different skillset to take nice photos of models, and I’m up for the challenge.

The hobby has numerous types of photo showing to enter. Jennifer Buxton has a performance show, Breyer has their monthly themed photo show, and there’s a photo showing hub to find others! Of course Model Equine Photo Showers Association exists too.

Chincoteague Pony

My camera is currently out of commission because of a fall, so once it returns I will start on my return to photo showing!